"Harmony exists inside of you," Celestia's voice said. "You are doing great things. You are doing good things. If I cannot convince you of that, then ask any of the friends and allies whom you've earned along your journey"
- Urohringr, "The Sun Will Rise Again"

Princess Celestia is one of the Alicorn rulers of Equestria.

After the Elements of Harmony were destroyed and Rainbow Dash annihilated Discord, Rainbow blamed Celestia for allowing it to happen and for not knowing how dangerous the Elements were. In addition, the chaos rift in the middle of Ponyville now required her to devote all of her time in the series to keep the chaos from spreading. Because of this, Celestia rarely makes an appearance in the books. The first instance is near the end of Austraeoh as Rainbow finally apologizes for everything. The next is near the middle of Eljunbyro as she shares the news of her survival (citation needed). She appears relatively predominantly in Urohringr when it is discovered that the Sword of Solstice allows direct communication with her. Her next appearance is when Rainbow Dash is convincing her, Luna, and Spike that Twilight Sparkle is back, if not entirely corporeal, at KMCA.