Symbol austraeoh

The symbol from which the series derives its name

Symbols are found throughout the Austraeoh series, and seem to be related to specific characters and their actions. It has recently become obvious that the background for each symbol has become increasingly dark.

Austraeoh Edit

Main article: Austraeoh (symbol)

This symbol seems to be related to Rainbow Dash, her journey East, and her relationship to the Spark. This symbol has appeared several times, seeming to both mark and lock entrances to the Machine layer, located well below ground.

It was first described as looking like an omega with a partially overlapping circle radiating squiggly lines, and quickly afterwards said to be a hoofmark and a sun.

Eljunbyro Edit

Symbol eljunbyro
Main article: Eljunbyro (symbol)

This symbol represents the combined role of Belle and Pilate in Rainbow's journey. Eljunbyro is the motivating force which allows Austraeoh to continue pressing forward. Or, in more poetic terms, Eljunbyro's role is to "return the wind to the wings of Austraeoh".

Innavedr Edit

Symbol innavedr
Main article: Innavedr (symbol)

This symbol is not clearly related to anybody or anything. It appears on a book, most likely written by pegasi, found by Dash in Eljunbyro ch. 125. In Innavedr, it serves as a compass for Belle, glowing brightly when pointed at the flame in Nightshade's base in Blue Nova (which was brought there from Xona). The book subsequently absorbs this flame.

It has been speculated that the symbol represents the world, and both its light and dark sides.

Odrsjot Edit

Symbol odrsjot
Main article: Odrsjot (symbol)

This symbol appears on the armbands of members of the Herald. After Kera dons a band over her horn, a passive magic begins to emanate from it that cancels out the power of the Pegasus' Tome.

Urohringr Edit

Symbol urohringr
Main article: Urohringr (symbol)

This symbol is also not clearly related to anybody or anything. It appears in Stratopolis, inscribed in a door which could only be operated by Rainbow, and which sealed the core of the main temple. A matching symbol is found in the ruins beneath Durandana.

It is described as a ring divided into 12 segments, with plates at each division, put inside itself so that there are three images. The symbol seems to represent a set 3 distinct ring worlds, each with 12 segments, arranged in a sort of tube. A universal tube, or "U tube", as it were. This correlates with the visions experienced by Rainbow Dash in the early chapters of Yaerfaerda.

Yaerfaerda Edit

Symbol yaerfaerda
Main article: Yaerfaerda (symbol)

In Urohringr ch. 179, Rainbow wakes up seeing this symbol ("seeing" in a kind of metaphorical way, similar to how she sees the Lavender Light). Its meaning is unclear.

Kera is the one who first names it, saying she learned it at Nightshade Industries. Pilate believes it is tied most closely with Eljunbryo and Odrsjot.

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