This page (a work in progress) lists places in the Austraeoh universe.

West of EquestriaEdit

  • "Zebra desert" (Austraeoh ch 53)

In EquestriaEdit

  • Blue Valley, a place in Equestria mentioned in Austraeoh ch. 30.

Before WintergateEdit

Travelling west from Equestria, Rainbow Dash passed over the following places, mentioned in Austraeoh Ch. 2. Some of these places are later mentioned again in passing.

  • Everfree Forest
  • Undermarshes (mentioned twice)
  • Dream Valley (mentioned 3 times in Austraeoh, and once in Eljunbyro)
  • Sea of Song(s) (mentioned twice)
  • Diamond Flats
  • Blue Plains - apparently where the very first chapters occur. There is another Blue Plain in Emeraldine.


Fulltrot describes Wintergate as "a very narrow strip of hilly valleys and jagged mountains dividing the Sea of Song to the west from the deserts of the Grand Choke to the east". (The part about the Grand Choke does turn out wrong later.) The eastern border is a massive mountain range (Austraeoh ch. 94).

A couple of times, Wintergate is misspelled as "Weathergate" (ironically, this occurs in the chapter titled Wintergate).

  • Windthrow, an isolated mining town, founded 700 years ago.
  • Minotaur camp and quarry, north of Windthrow
  • Sparkill Havens, a village northwest of Windthrow. Mentioned in Austraeoh ch. 46, this seems to be the earliest reference to a commenter (Twifight Sparkill). Sparkill Highlands mentioned in ch. 79.
  • Blissview, capital of Wintergate "down south".
  • Southstone College, a university. Astral was head of the Archeological Commission.
  • Slopelands - hilly area east of Wintergate. Red Turnip Junior talks about returning "home to the Slopelands", so possibly Wintergate or Windthrow is considered a part of Slopelands.


Emeraldine is a lush green province. Its flag is red and depicts a "blue horseshoe framed with interwoven lengths of green vines and white carnations".

  • Ridgeside, a village.
  • Verdestone, the capital city.
    • Base Facility
    • Chamber of Representatives
  • Blue Plain, a place to the south where apple cider is made.
  • South Crest, a place with "alabaster shores".
  • Moonshade peninsula, agricultural area south of Emeraldine.


Darkstine is an industrial country of unicorns. It was called Cylindrimane in the past, but renamed after General Darkstine of the Holy Theological Army who introduced a cult of industry. Its eastern border is a nearly unpassable ravine.

  • New Ring (also Ring City), the capital, divided into East and West parts.
  • Ringfall and Understeam, places of former Cylindrimane mentioned by Zetta. Possibly identical to modern New Ring.


Silvadel is separated from Darkstine by an inhospitable desert. It has been laid waste by dragons.

  • Sanctuary, underground abode of ponies.
    • Sparklight, its unicorn district.


The Maretriarchical Confederacy (often simply Confederacy) is a country which is usually named after its ruling queen, the current one being queen Ledo.

  • Aridstone - village where Axan left Rainbow Dash
  • Cyan Crystal Valley - antilopes were taken from there for experimentation
  • Mountainfall - where Bellesmith's former university is
  • Blue Shelf (misspelling: Big Shelf)
  • Green Slope - province where Josho was Prime Enforcer. A couple of times, it's called Blue Slope.
  • Foxtaur forest
  • Mint Province - far north, where Mintian monks are from
  • Blue Nova, location of Nightshade Industries
  • Deep Ridge - a facility of Nightshade. Floydien and Simon escaped from there, also the Xonan foals' parents were held there
  • Pale Shelf, prison facility in the Ivory Mountains, north of Blue Nova, Imre used to work there
  • Moss Point - Nightshade's facility at or south of Blue Marshes
  • Great Sea - the Azure River flows into it. Mentioned in Please, Celestia, No more. Same name as the sea that lies behind the Grand Choke.
  • Ruby Highlands
  • Blue Pulse - largest city Belle had been to before Blue Nova
  • Blue Peak University - Imre studied there. See also "Blue Peaks" below.

Neighboring landsEdit

  • Franzington is a southern neighbor of Ledomare and its military ally, their mercenaries (the Blades Guild) fighting for it against Xona.
  • The Sapphire Ravine (also Sapphire Valley and Sapphire County) is between Searo and Franzington. Inhabited by crystal ponies and the Killas (Diamond Dogs). Probably synonymous with Aurum province.
  • Searo is a female supermacist warrior nation south of the Confederacy, just east of Franzington.
    • Searo's Hold
  • Xona is the nation Ledomare is waging a long bloody war against. It's a caste society with three languages.
  • Battlesites in the Ledomare-Xona war:
    • Upper Xonan Heights
    • Blue Peaks (see also "Blue Peak University" above)
    • Opal River
    • Northern Blue Fields
    • Ledo's Run
    • Sapphirico
    • Morning Star Point (a mountain)
  • Gray Smoke is a flying city that stays neutral by keeping close to the Ledomare/Xona warfront.
    • Bronze District
    • Gold District
    • Rust(ed) District
      • Municipal Engines, Clipper the Crafty's store
    • Industrial District
    • Flying Copper District
    • 'Antsy Crane' - diner where Ebon Mane once worked
  • Those neutral villages have a mixed Ledomaritan-Xonan population:

Frozen Sea and surrounding areasEdit

  • Strip of Flurries - A constant stormy weather phenomenon actually generated by Stratopolis
  • Stratopolis / "Zadubadabu"
  • Alafreo - Elma Boreal's homeland

The Shattered ContinentsEdit