“Celestia and myself—although born immortal—are bound to succumb to death so long as we dwell beyond the reach of the Plains. This is the fate that our relatives who came here suffered. They chose to sacrifice their eternal existences in order to maintain harmony in this pocket of chaotic space.”
- Ynanhluutr ch. 24

Alicorns are a race of nearly immortal ponies from a land beyond the stars (the Plains of Harmony). They include:

Although born immortal, they are subject to death as long as they are separated from the Plains of Harmony.[1] Being aliens, they are technically unrelated to the ponies of Equestria, and only favor equines because they are the most similar to themselves.

Approximately 100,000 years ago, alicorns discovered the fragment of Urohringr lost in chaotic space. After finding that life was springing on its own in that desolate place, they decided to sacrifice their energy and their immortality to form the sun, moon, and the Firmaments to illuminate and protect one half of the world. They did not have enough power to do so for both sides. At this time, there were thousands of alicorns living, but over time their population dwindled to the number we know today. For a majority of the time, they worked in harmony with the Divines (primarily Sturke) to keep the land in order, but in the last millennia resentment has grown between all of them except Sturke. Axan and Nevlamas in particular now blame the alicorns for "corrupting the land that was theirs to begin with."

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna began their reign over Equestria as we now know it approximately 10,000 years ago.

  1. Ynanhluutr ch. 24

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