"Hope stands to bring light to us in the strangest places. There is a purpose to living, otherwise there would be no life whatsoever. Everything would be death."
- Urohringr ch. 126

Boxer is the elder tortoise in the city of Abinadi, in Alafreo. He officially welcomes the Noble Jury into the country, sees to the repair of the ship following the damage it sustained in Stratopolis, and imparts some borderline prophetic advice to several group members, particularly Rainbow Dash, Roarke, and Elma.

He originally came from the area of Rohbredden, where he crossed paths with Mortuana. Mortuana extended his life using magic, in exchange for making him "an extension of the scope of [her] senses". This means he was actively looking for evidence of the Austraeoh when he encountered Rainbow Dash.[1]

  1. Utaan, "East, Unto Twilight, and Beyond"

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