The Book of Earth is a "translation of a translation" of an ancient text owned by the buffalo couple Great Stare and Little Breath. The book was written (or translated?) by the ancient caribou of Bethlem in the territory of later Ledomare. The book spoke of the ancient pegasi, calling them "angels". A hidden page in the book contained the Austraeoh and Eljunbyro (and other) symbols. The page was hidden because of censorship during the reign of queen Bysso of the Confederacy. There was a line of prophecy for each symbol:

  • for Austraeoh: She will head into morning, for she sees the dawn and becomes it, and the equine knows no end until the world knows no end.  Her wings bring animation, as they bring hope.
  • for Eljunbyro: A heart that doesn't bleed is a heart that cannot live.  Her spirit will be frightened into and out of the darkness, so that endless guile will be her sustenance, along with the rising sun.

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