“I dunno.” Rainbow shrugged. “I kinda sorta got slaughtered by a dragon, then preserved in chaos form, then fought my way tooth-and-hoof out of a giant military basement.”
- Ynanhluutr, "Never Easy Casting Off, Is It?"

Blue Shelf is a Ledomaritan research facility near the western edge of the continent. It is the setting for the first half of Eljunbyro. It is here where we meet Bellesmith and her beloved Pilate, as well as Prime Enforcer Shell, the main antagonist for the next three books. While there is a village on the surface, its main purpose lies beneath the ground, where Sequencing takes place. Even further underground in the Black Level there is a door to the Machine World, the first one encountered since Darkstine, as well as an Obelisk and Ruby Flame. It is to this facility that Rainbow Dash was brought, unconscious, after being left by Axan in Aridstone.

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