"There was a schism in the matriarchy. Two monarchs sought the crown: Queen Belten and Queen Searo."
- Eljunbyro, "Metal Mares"

Queen Belten was once the queen of what is commonly known as Ledomare, though under her as the reigning monarch it was Beltenmare. She is the earliest known ruler of the Maretriarchal Confederacy, and is famous in the series for being involved in the schism that occured when another mare, Queen Searo , tried to rise to power. Searo was in favor of a matriarchal nation centered around industry and warfare, and though this is never explicitly stated, Queen Belten was evidently in favor of a more agrarian vision. Searo took most earth ponies south to establish Searo's Hold to the south of Beltenmare, while most unicorns stayed north- which is why, in the times of Austraeoh, Ledomare is populated almost exclusively by unicorns.

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