“And you have no reason to. Just rest assured, we...” Bard cleared his throat, then turned to smile calmly at her. “...we ain't got no homes to go back to, save the ones we can carve out of our hearts with somethin' more precious than gold.”
- Ynanhluutr, "Just a Couple of Rambling Dudes"

Bard is a pegasus desperado, guitarist, and singer. His real name is Johnny. He is accompanied by Wildcard.

His exploits led him to hunt bounties along the west coast of mainland Rohbredden, until it became so dangerous that he had to head west towards the colonies, which is where he got the job to hunt Echo, leading to him meeting Rainbow Dash.

Backstory Edit

Bard, back when he was Johnny, was an orphan pegasus who was taken in by the farmer Blue to live on the Twilight Ranch. He was Blue's first son to be adopted this way. Things were peaceful for a time, until Johnny met a mare from Frostknife named Amber. They fell in love despite Blue's paranoid warnings that she was an outsider who would destroy the family. Johnny shut out Blue and built a homestead for he and Amber to live on in the ranch, where they foaled a daughter named Melody. Anger between Johnny and Blue continues to fester, until Johnny and Amber both fatefully contracted the Dusk Virus while traveling. Since the cure was prohibitively hard to obtain, Johnny and Amber elected to freeze themselves in a frosted chamber until one could become available. Melody was left in the care of Blue, who neglected her to the point that she caught pneumonia in a rainstorm and died at the age of four. Seven years after that, Blue paid for a cure to the Dusk Virus and used it on Johnny, but in so doing deliberately awakened Amber (their chambers were conjoined) and left her to die. In response, Johnny desecrated the grave of Blue's wife, and fled the ranch to seek a new identity and try and erase his past.[1]

Also as a member of the ranch is Nicole, whom Bard looks out for and considers his sister.

Relationship with Wildcard Edit

His relationship with Wildcard is complicated and mysterious. Bard always defers to Wildcard's decisions, most notably when the latter headed a mission to rescue Rainbow Dash from Steamfall and obligated Bard to help despite his complete refusal to speak to her. He apparently owes a life-debt to Wildcard, but what for exactly is unknown.[2] When Jordan / Wildcard was first injured when he lost his talon, it was Bard who saved his life and brought him to Wyvern Point.

Spoilers Edit

Near the end of Utaan, he gives his hat to Nicole as a memento for him as she begins her new life. He then fights furiously aboard the Stardust to defend it from Chandler's final offensive. In so doing, he is stabbed through the chest. His final acts are to give Wildcard his staff, tell him to protect Rainbow, and wait for the attacking army to arrive. His last word is the command word to detonate the cargo aboard the Stardust, instantly killing himself and Chandler in a huge explosion.
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