Rainbow breathed calmly. "How about this? I'll take point. You fly behind me. When I want us to fly faster or higher, I'll signal with my tail."

"You... want me to stare at your tail the whole time..."

"Uh... yeah?"

Ariel cleared her throat. "Works for me."

- Ofolrodi, "There Is No Day"

Ariel is a member of the Heraldic Seven.

Her mother was a member of the Herald until her death. Also her mane was red![1] Ariel has spent most her life living up to her mother's legacy. As swift pegasi, she and Rainbow often scout ahead together.

She has a bit of an attraction to Rainbow Dash, but nothing serious. really wants to frick Rainbow Dash.

  1. Ofolrodi, "Who Doesn't Like Change?"

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