"Simply that you were discovered with your pendant having been taken off by the locals. We realized this only because we found the golden object beneath a mountain of bodies. The entire township of Aridstone, where a massive dragon deposited you, had been consumed by a bloody massacre." Shell's nostrils flared. "You see, my little pony, we did not need to do anything to you. You were always... always a monster."
- Eljunbyro, "End Boss"

Aridstone is a village in western Ledomare where Axan dropped Rainbow Dash's body after the events of Austraeoh. According to the story told by Shell, the inhabitants must have removed her Element of Loyalty at some point, which caused Rainbow to fall into a chaotic rage and murder every civilian present. She has no memory of this happening. During Belle's sequencing, however, she views the true events of Ledomaritan soldiers performing the genocide, as a way of eliminating all witnesses and demoralizing Rainbow Dash so that they could control her more effectively.

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