"I had to give up a great deal to approach the path towards enlightenment.  But—as I buried more and more of my sins within the shadow of Luminar's Plight—I discovered the extent to which my body and soul had previously been enslaved."  His eyes narrowed.  "Through labor and pain, the truth is exposed, and the essence of a foal of Verlaxion is truly liberated."
- Ynanhluutr, "Song Of Pain, Bards, and Luminards"

Antsan is a Luminard dude. He is best described as a "fanatic" who has almost a dual personality. He does not speak much of his past life, but he clearly considers himself to have been a grievous sinner in dire need of repentance. When Rainbow Dash encounters him in the Quade, he appears outwardly to be one of the most devoted followers of their creed. At times, however, he is prone to very violent outbursts, culminating in his confrontation with Rainbow at the burning Reed, in which he would have killed Rainbow had she not been saved by Wildcard.

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